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Pia Getty

 Pia loves films. An award winning filmmaker in her own right, Pia is a raconteur, businesswoman, mother of four, supporter of the creative arts, Pia Pressure’s founder.

As a filmmaker Pia’s debut as writer and documentary maker was 2009’s CHINA POWER, winner of Best HD Documentary Feature.

Again in the role of writer/director she followed this up with 2012’s acclaimed documentary AXIS OF LIGHT, winning best feature at Madrid and Houston Film Festivals as well as receiving the UNAFF / Stanford Award.

Pia is deeply passionate about finding the next generation of filmmakers and original voices that may not fit into the studio system.


Axis of Light

Seen through the work of eight leading artists, Axis of Light, is a poignant and absorbing observation, of the beauty and mystery of the Middle East which is often ignored, especially today where anger and violence demand centre stage in our media and where stereotypes and prejudices distort our view of this region. Through the eyes of these artists, a human face so often overshadowed by conflict and war is revealed.

A brilliant and compelling documentary

China Power

Chinese Art has caught the world's attention. Once considered obscure and exotic, it now commands millions at international auction. China's contemporary artists are the rock stars of the art world, living a lifestyle more synonymous with New York than the Peoples Republic of China. 'China Power' is a reflection of modern China by its artists, filmmakers, and curators.

This film shows just why modern China has shaken up the contemporary art market