the kindergarten teacher

Director: Sara Colangelo  Screenplay: Sara Colangelo  Genre: Psychological thriller   Co-production: MAVEN PICTURES / PIA PRESSURE   Budget: $2.4m

Status: Shot Over Summer 2017. Sold Netflix North America, Protagonist selling rest of world.


Based upon the acclaimed Israeli Film, and directed by Sara Colangelo (whose film LITTLE ACCIDENTS was a multiple award winner), THE KINDERGARTEN TEACHER tells the story of a woman (Maggie Gyllenhaal), who sees such great promise in her five year old student.

She goes to unreasonable and ultimately criminal lengths to protect his talent, sacrificing her career, family, and life. Gael Garcia Bernal plays Simon opposite Maggie.

Forty years old, stuck in Staten Island married to a sweet but oblivious husband and living with kids that don't pay her much mind, Lisa Spinelli goes through her days teaching Kindergarten with growing numbness. Her one reprieve - a night time poetry class across the bay in Lower Manhattan. When she discovers a five-year-old in her class may be a prodigious poet, Lisa becomes fascinated, then obsessed, as she pushes farther and farther to protect him from neglectful parents and a plagiarising babysitter, risking her career, family and freedom to nurture his artistic promise.


★★★★★ The Guardian